f a military officer. Rottweiler’s face suddenly turned red. , Said excitedly: “Thank you, thank you general, I will definitely do things well.”

Jiang Hao appointed a horse bandit as a military officer, and he was equal to his original men. Naturally, there was a deep meaning. The new return of the horse bandit is very popular. Unstable, afraid of being oppressed, set a benchmark at this time to let them know that Jiang Hao treats them equally, you see, when Rottweiler arrested himself, he was not promoted in the same way, so that the horse bandits can immediately feel at ease. , The next transformation will not cause any trouble. 南京品茶网
Sweeping across the faces of this group of men, Jiang Hao said: “Now that we have a large number of people, we must have not enough people in our respective teams, but it doesn’t matter. First set up the shelf and wait for the opportunity to expand. Then, the new soldiers will be dropped. Evenly distributed to each department, and Su Mu will arrange the specific matters.”
When his subordinates were busy rebuilding the army, Jiang Hao sent people to call a few men. The men immediately saluted when they saw Jiang Hao, “I saw the general.”
“In the past, how did you prepare our marching food.” “Jiang Hao asked.
An older man stood up and said: “Back to the general, we used to make some naan cakes or stir-fry the wheat. If we can light the fire for cooking, we can naturally cook some rice porridge with some dried bacon, Dajiang and so 南京龙凤网 on.”
In fact, Jiang Hao also has these in his memory. It seems that this is the normal state of the army. “I have a food for you to cook. I have written down the recipe. You guys 南京夜生活论坛 are wondering if you can make it.”
As Jiang Hao said, he handed a piece of paper to the guys. The older guy took it with respectful hands, looked at Jiang Hao’s formula, and then asked a few more words and retired.
What Jiang Hao had to do was simple, compressed biscuits. In fact, the concept of mixed military rations existed in the Song Dynasty, but