ute to visit. After all, most of the area is still wasteland over there, you must be sure You can’t really throw your guests into the wasteland, so you need to plan out some areas that are safe enough and seem attractive enough, such as proven factory ruins, urban ruins, or battlefields in the wilderness. Ruins-maybe you think that those ruins are not worth visiting, but believe me, everything that happened on that land is worthy of being understood, and those who are not far away to Tarrond want to know That is everything behind those ruins.

“Finally, there are value-added services. Those wealthy people who go to Tarrond travel a long way, and it would be too bad to see the scenery in the past-after all, this kind of thing can also be done through magical illusions and memory implants Achieve similar results, so if you want these people to feel that your trip is worthwhile, then you have to think about some irreplaceable projects. For example, you can engage in some’wasteland survival experience’ or’Talronde folklore simulation’ “What?”
Merita suddenly couldn’t help interrupting: “Wasteland 南京桑拿会所 survival experience? How does this sound a bit dangerous?”
“Ahem, it’s not what you think it is,” Gawain coughed dryly. , The thoughts in his mind quickly formed, “Surely you can’t really bring people to the wasteland to experience extreme survival, but you can let them participate in something that is only available in the wasteland area in a safer place. For example, give them Some tools let them experience how to dismantle and recycle dragon buildings, let them experience how to filter clean water from polluted water, and let them experience how to operate your production machinery.”
Melita was dumbfounded 南京419论坛 as she listened, and finally couldn’t help but interrupt: “Wait, you are asking them to help us-and then collect the money?”
“This is an experience project,” Gawain was quiet. For two seconds, he said with a serious face, “And 南京龙凤网 after the customer experience, you should give them some souvenir