it’s not my final say!

Zhou Yi naturally performed well in training, with a positive and serious attitude, but head coach Hao Dong just didn’t put him on the starting list. What can he do?
If he has the ability to decide his appearance, he will definitely start every game, regardless of his strength.
For example, in the virtual FIFAOL3 system, Zhou Yi allowed himself to challenge Barcelona’s youth team in the first field. Even if his performance was not good, he would never replace himself.
南京龙凤网 Turning his back to He Ying to pack his things, Zhou Yi frowned, wondering whether he should also go to the head coach to show his determination?
But Zhouyi didn’t wait to put this idea into practice, it waited for good news.
In the evening the team’s first training session in Dortmund, the head coach Hao Dong announced a decision.
“The next game against the Dortmund youth team, we have to make some personnel adjustments.” Hao Dong said, standing in front of the young players who have just finished warming up, “At the center back position, Guo Nu is starting.” The
crowd said. There was a slight cry.
Guo Nu played like that in the last game. Everyone was very upset with him. Although Liang Qiqi said too much, he still received the support of some teammates in private.
They don’t want Guo Nu to continue to start.
Yang Fei, who was sent off by a red card, also thought that he still had a chance to continue starting, but he did not expect that his starting journey would be over in just one game. He looked at Guo Nu with a bad expression.
He now hopes that Guo Nu will continue his previous performance in the game against Dortmund, 南京龙凤论坛so that he will definitely be able to return to the starting list after he has survived the suspension period of one game.
Guo Nu can feel that when the head coach announced this decision, everyone’s attitude towards him, he was very sensitive to changes in the attitude of being ridiculed since he was a child.
He thought of Zhou Yi’s special training for himself.