most for a lifetime.
7 to 3.
Eric Catholic attacked, and Michael Carter was still panicked.
After all, he was a man taught by Kobe every day. When he thought of the scenes of being dunked by Kobe riding on his head in the past, Su Feng was most fortunate that these scenes were not recorded.
Anyway, killing Su Feng would not admit these dark histories, and Su Feng still thought that when he can defeat Kobe in the future, he must find a video recorder to secretly record it.
Then, you can safely and boldly tell the world that Kobe has been hanged by himself in high school.
Although I always feel that Bilian is not necessary for this approach.
But why is
there an inexplicable sadness?
On the court, Su Feng, who 南京水磨会所 glanced at Kobe, vowed secretly, don’t worry, you won’t have the chance to get on that damn helicopter in your life.
Just when Su Feng was dreaming about how he would defeat Kobe in his mind, on the court, because he was afraid of Su Feng’s strong defense, Michael Carter threw the 南京419论坛 pot to his teammates.
As a result, Michael Carter’s teammates did not dare to fight because they defended him. That man is called Kobe!
As a result, Michael Carter’s teammate was capped, and he was still the most cruel and indifferent on the basketball court-
ex-girlfriend-style grabbing caps!
This time, Su Feng did not steal the limelight with Kobe.
And it seems that it was to “retaliate” that Su Feng just didn’t give himself the ball first. Kobe didn’t even look at Su Feng when he dribbled the ball this time.
Kang Dang——!
This is a real 180-degree dunk.
Kobe’s dunk detonated the audience.
“Roar! This is talent! This is Raul Meilien!” In the stands, Raul Meilien’s fans cheered.
“This is a dunk.” When he retired, Kobe smiled and slammed Su Feng.
Su Feng shook his head.
Nothing, this is Kobe.
A man you will never guess.
Just 南京夜生活论坛 like O’Neill said.
He never expects Kobe to pass the ball to him.
Because it’s better to grab offensive rebounds.