percentages were not too bad in this era, and 31% of his three-pointers were barely qualified.

And in the second half of the season, he has obviously adapted to the NBA, all the data are going up, and he also dropped his first 40+ in his rookie season.
The best defensive player.
Without the system bonus, the personal data and the defensive feeling on the field have declined more obviously, and he has no competitiveness in this award.
But it was Marcus Camby who won this award in the end!
With an average of 11.7 rebounds and a league-high 3.3 blocks per game, and the most 1.24 steals among centers, Camby received 60 votes from 130 media and won the first dpoy trophy of his career.
However, this result made O’Neal spit out.
“This kind of guy that I can blow up with one hand, how can he become a dpoy?”
“These 南京品茶网 guys only look at the data when they comment on this?”
“Wait, if I meet him later, I have to educate him. Don’t let him down, let these voters see how absurd their selection is.” On
that day, the team’s training session was over, and O’Neal and Sun Hao talked on the sidelines, shaking their heads while holding their mobile phones.
Sun Hao couldn’t stop laughing after watching O’Neill’s movements and then listening to what he said.
“Then who do you think should be elected?”
Sun Hao then asked rhetorically.
“Yao! It’s really no good. Garnett guy will do.”
O’Neal stopped his head and said after thinking for a while.
As opponents have the most right to speak, O’Neal’s evaluation of Yao Ming has always been not low.
And Garnett is absolutely qualified in the Celtics.
This answer is quite reasonable.
This year’s selection 南京桑拿会所 is indeed a little unreasonable.
Sun Hao watched the award selection, and then he also saw the interview with Deng Liwei.
“This is good news.”
Sun Hao then handed his mobile phone to O’Neill.
“What do you mean?”
O’Neill frowned.
“Do you want to take a free throw?”
“I don’t want to.”
“Isn’t that good news? After saying that, th