shed back, just before the ball, and kicked the ball back.

The Ukrainians vented all of a sudden, the blow was a bit big. The Ukrainian commentator even repeatedly said on the line before the ball passed: “The referee misjudged! The ball obviously passed the line as a whole.” At this time, the scene just now happened to be replayed, and it was obvious that the line did not cross the line on the TV screen. As long as two-thirds over the line even into!南京龙凤网 the ball effectively! this ball should be effective! “he wished I was the referee, jump field to the announcement,” let us look at the video ”
directed really did not give him face, cut directly to the The scene of the game. The Chinese team relied on this relief to fight back.
Ukraine also cooperated with tacit understanding. The two desperately held Li Yongle in the midfield, while the others quickly returned to defense.
Seeing that Li Yongle couldn’t pass the ball directly to Zhang Jun in front, he had to pass it to Xiang Tao, who was later inserted. In this way, even if Ukraine’s delayed tactics are basically completed, they have plenty of time to return to defense.
Crewe was beckoning to Xiang Tao for the ball. He saw that the raid could not be hit, so he only hoped to control the ball and wipe out Ukraine’s time, just like Senegal in the previous game.
But what made his eyeballs almost came out-Xiang Tao didn’t pay attention to him at all, instead he went straight to the front Zhang Jun with a long pass!
“Stupid!” Crewe scolded in English in a hurry.
Zhang Jun looked back at the ball and then 南京品茶网turned to look at the surroundings. He wanted to determine what to do next. The football is still in the air. He is following a man on his left. In addition to the goalkeeper, there is a central defender. Two people are coming from behind. Basically, it can be said that he is trapped in a Ukrainian circle.
In this case, if the first stop is not done, the attack is over.
Zhang Jun looked back at the ball again, and it arrived. But instead of