r boss is, but Zhuang Shikai knows where they are, and will do everything to help them get to the top, waiting for the day when the dragon fights on the wild and the soldiers make strange moves.

customs. 南京419论坛
Transit investigation room.
A heroic female team leader squatted down, and under the watchful eyes of a worried-faced 南京炮网 African woman, she meticulously searched her whole body.
After the search was over, the female team leader did not find anything, but she still believed in her own judgment and preached to the team members next to her: “Take her to the toilet to vomit.”
“Yes, sir.” Two males The team members responded in a solemn voice and immediately took the African women away.
In this case, there is no need to consider whether the other party is willing to vomit. The customs has countless ways to make her vomit up.
Half an hour later, two team members came in with a small piece wrapped in yellow glue: “Madam, it’s really in stock.”
“It’s all the latest ice! The third batch of this month!”
A new era is coming. When there is light, there will be darkness and crime.
In the late 1970s, “ice” was born as a new type of drug, and gradually began to flow 南京桑拿会所 into the more developed Hong Kong Island area.
Since “ice” is a pure chemical, although the ephedrine reduction method was used in the early days, the perfect chemical synthesis method will be carried out in the future, and the preparation process is relatively simple, so it is called “kitchen drug”.
Simply put, compared to “white powder”, “ice” is simple to make, does not need to be planted, and the production site is small. It can be called a masterpiece of new-type drugs, and a new source of money for clubs.
236 Flying Tiger! Asian ice queen! (Breaking up for the leader of “Wahaha Oolong Tea”)
“Unpack and weigh.” Minnie said aloud, wearing a blue customs hat, standing beside her with her hand on her back.
“Yes, sir.” A team member took out a telescopic knife, pushed out the blade with his thumb, stepped forward and cut open