all and saw a man in a robe, about fifty years old, standing in the main hall. This man was tall and had a straight waist. Although his face was white and he didn’t need a beard, he didn’t have the trivial appearance of an eunuch, just a band between his eyebrows. With a gloomy color, this person looked a little harsh, and Jiang Hao knew that this person was Zhao Gao.

In 南京品茶网 fact, in history, Zhao Gao was not a eunuch at all, and there is no record of Zhao Gao as a eunuch in the historical records. Later, because of the word’Hangong’ in his record, he was mistaken for being a eunuch after he was accompanied by Qin Shihuang all the year round. Up.
He was born in a distant relative of Qin’s clan. He began to take up official positions in his twenties. Later, he was valued by Emperor Shi. Now he is the official commander of the Zhongche, and he also serves as the commander of Fuxi. The celebrity next to Qin Shihuang resembles a personal secretary.
Zhao Gao has a wife and a daughter. His son-in-law is now the order of Xianyang in Xianyang, the capital’s chief, and he is also a remarkable figure.
Zhao Gao is a great legalist who is proficient in the laws of the Qin Kingdom, 南京水磨会所 and was later referred to 南京桑拿论坛 Hu Hai as a teacher by Qin Shihuang.
Jiang Hao bowed his hands and saluted, “Jiang Hao has seen the CRRC Mansion Order.”
Zhao Gao has already given Jiang Hao’s face when he can stand up to greet him. This is entirely based on the face of those magical seals.
Zhao Gao said with a smile: “Doctor Jiang, I finally saw you, please sit down, I’m about to talk with you in detail.”
After the wine and food were served, the two entered the official chat mode. Zhao Gao had arranged a time to meet with the first emperor. It would be tomorrow afternoon at the back garden of the Xianyang Palace, and then he also talked about the etiquette when meeting the first emperor.
It is necessary not to bring weapons. Fortunately, in this era, you don’t need to kneel, you just need to bow and salute, otherwise Jiang Hao w