at **Vicci had adopted a nearly domestic violence management strategy against Lupus, and the Timberwolves and Mosaic’s record, the Spurs might not even be able to defend the sixth in the Western Conference.

At the head of the West, the dominance of the Jazz, Lakers, and Sonics still has no team to shake this season.
And it’s worth mentioning that the Mavericks officially changed their speakers this season.
As for their new appointment, the old Nelson, who had just taken office, sent out a trial invitation to two young people who are good at “soft investment”.
Su Feng knew that in this life, the young Nowitzki and 南京品茶网 Wang Zhizhi were destined to usher in a game that no one could prevent.
In Su Feng’s view, if he could join the Mavericks with Nowitzki in this life, it would definitely be a good thing for Dazhi.
Because, by then, Da Zhi will have no excuse to say “If he arrives at the Mavericks early, there will be nothing wrong with Nowitzki”.
In fact,
as for Nowitzki’s early defense, don’t believe it, if you get Ratliff in the past, you will be able to explode with him.
Different shoulder width, arm span, and strong core strength, these talents that the naked eye can’t see through at a glance, are the keys to Nowitzki’s destiny to be stronger than Wang Zhizhi.
Of course, in this life, under Su Feng’s suggestion, the registered height is only “208” cm, and the registration position has also been changed to power forward Wang Zhizhi. 南京桑拿论坛 As long as he can adjust his mentality and accept the rotation of players, then he wants to be mixed. It’s easy to eat a bowl of rice.
After all, Da Zhi, who was educated by Su Feng in advance, has been working hard on his core strength for the past six months.
Although he was destined to not be able to develop the waist and upper limb strength of Nowitzki because of his talent, at least, before he left for the United States, Xiao Yao
coughed and coughed at the hammer .
In the 9798 season, it was the “old hooligans” who won the title of scoring ch