someone’s egg, but you are going to touch someone in the cornfield.

In some ways, Wayne is as unscrupulous as Bowen.
Wayne can do what he can do.
It’s really a pioneer in the eradication of evil.
Carter is probably already calling for a pennant.
You little brother, my Canadian trapeze recognized it!
“I don’t know if Wei did it on purpose, but Bruce definitely did it on purpose. He tainted this wonderful series.”
If Mike Brin was not explaining the game, he would have to shout: “Wayne did a good job. Beautiful!”
At this time, the most exciting expression was Popovich.
After an incompetent rage, the old man sat back on the bench, covering his head with his hands.
Wayne estimated that Duncan was injured, and Popovich might not be so desperate.
No matter how good Duncan is, he is also a conventional weapon and can only use basketball to hit his opponent.
But Bowen is different. That’s the hidden star of the Spurs.
If you can’t beat him, you can hurt him. Only Bowen can do this kind of thing.
Okay now, the nuclear weapons are gone, how do you let Popovich fight?
Popovich died of anxiety, and Bowen didn’t know 南京桑拿论坛 how he could recover.
If you meet an opponent you can’t beat in the future, what do you ask him to do?
This round of finals has proved that GDP is capped.
They are strong, they have the ability to make the Spurs become the Western Ivy, but they will also be defeated.
His eyes are full of resentment, and if anyone can take this scene now, Popovich really looks exactly like the Penguin in the comics.
It can only be said that Popovich is a very optimistic old man.
Because he was still thinking about Bowen’s recovery.
Wayne didn’t think so much about recovery?
Take a good rest, Bruce, and don’t come back to add to this league!
After a brief riot, the game continued.
Without Bowen, the Spurs’ perimeter defense collapsed.
Wu Sheng and Miller simply get what they want, and they feel better when paired with Wayne’s pick-and-roll. 南京品茶网
The score was gradually pu